Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

How To Prolong The Service Life Of Truck Tyres

Erika Matthews

The cost of buying and maintaining truck and crane tyres can quickly add up if you do not have a deliberate programme to use them efficiently. Below are some measures that you can take to increase the interval between buying replacement truck tyres.

Pay attention during specification and selection

Vehicle manufacturers always provide tyre specifications for the different vehicles that they make. However, those specs are only aimed at narrowing down the options of the tyres that can work without causing handling and stability problems. It is up to the fleet manager or truck owner to come up with a list of specifications that will result in optimum performance from any tyres that are fitted onto the vehicle. For example, a tyre that is ideal for off-road driving may wear out quickly when it is installed on a truck driven on the highway frequently. It is therefore prudent to think carefully about the best tyre specifications for your particular circumstances. Selecting the tyres in this way will pay off in longer tyre life.

Customise the rotation schedules

Standard tyre rotation schedules may not give you the longer tyre life that you desire. Instead, they may increase your costs because technicians have to be paid for performing those rotations and the truck will be unavailable to move cargo while it is at the repair shop. Once more, it pays to know the specific service conditions of your truck. For example, a truck that makes frequent sharp turns, such as a garbage disposal truck, may require more frequent tyre rotations because the front tyres are subjected to greater forces than others. You therefore need to tweak the standard tyre rotation recommendations to a schedule that suits the work conditions of your truck.

Cleanliness is important

An often neglected habit that can prolong tyre life is frequent cleaning. The rubber on the tyres can degrade rapidly if the mud, chemicals and road debris that they collect on a daily basis is not cleaned off. Special care should therefore be taken to clean the tyres thoroughly when the truck is taken in for washing. The tyres will last longer as a result of this frequent cleaning.

Some of the measures above might be hard for you to design and implement on your own. Getting professional help from a tyre expert can help such individuals to design systems that will rectify any situations that were reducing the service life of the truck or crane tyres.


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