Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

3 Dual Tyre Mistakes You Should Avoid

Erika Matthews

Do you own a car or a truck that has dual tyre positions at the back? Below are some of the key mistakes that you should avoid making to match the dual-wheel position tyres correctly.

Not matching the inflation

It is important to check the inflation of the tyres in the dual-wheel positions so that no mismatch in tyre pressure exists. Any discrepancy that exists in their inflation level will cause some problems. For example, the tyre with a lower inflation level will transfer some of the load that it should carry to the tyre that has more pressure in it. Consequently, the tyre that is carrying a heavier load will wear out faster and fail sooner than the one with lower pressure.

Mismatched diameters

Some people may be unable to replace all the tyres at the same time. Such people run the risk of some of the tyres in dual positions being wider than the others. In such a scenario, the wider tyres will be subjected to a bigger load than what the narrow tyres are carrying. Consequently, the same uneven wear that occurs when inflation is not matched will occur to the tyres with a wider diameter. It is therefore important for you to ensure that all replacement tyres that you buy for dual-wheel positions have a uniform diameter so that the load that is carried by those wheels can be distributed evenly between the two tyres.

Mixing tyre types

Two major types of tyres, bias ply and radial tyres, are available on the market. These two types of tyres react differently to the axle loads that they are carrying. For instance, bias ply tyres deflect to a lesser degree when they are subjected to the same load as radial tyres. Having these two types of tyres on the same dual-wheel position is, therefore, a bad idea. This is because the tyres that deflect more (redial tyres) will pass on some of the load to the tyres with minimal deflection (bias ply tyres). Uneven wear will soon occur even if those tyres are inflated to the same level.

Vehicles that have dual tyre installation need to be given special attention if the tyres in those positions are to perform as expected. Avoid the mistakes above so that you can get longer life from dual position tyres. Consult a tyre expert in case you are unable to pinpoint why dual position tyres are not lasting as long as they should on your car or truck.


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Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

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