Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

Why Your Tyre Puncture Woes Could Be a Thing of the Past

Erika Matthews

If you spend a lot of time driving on unsealed roads or in areas where you're at risk of picking up a puncture, you may have had enough of replacing tyres on your vehicle and are looking for some alternatives. It can be difficult to loosen the wheel nuts to remove the rim in the first place and this task is especially challenging in adverse weather, but did you know that you can fit tyres that are designed to keep on going whenever they sustain a puncture?

Much-Needed Help

Many people find it hard to change a wheel and tyre on their car, as this typically requires a lot of manual dexterity and some people simply don't have the strength or flexibility. In this case, they have to wait for roadside assistance and this support can often take a long time to arrive. Engineers understand this predicament and have designed tyres that are meant to function even when they are compromised. In this way, you'll be able to get to the nearest garage whenever you pick up yet another flat and your day won't be ruined.

How Do They Work?

This type of tyre has a specially reinforced sidewall and has toughened, rubber inserts within the carcass. These inserts allow the tyre to resist the weight of the vehicle above it when the air escapes. Without them, the rubber would simply collapse, and the wheel rim would scrape along the road surface.

If you run over yet another nail on that building site, the run-flat tyre will retain its overall shape and consistency and this will allow you to drive for up to 75 km at a regulated speed. This should be more than sufficient to get you to a safe place, where you can seek assistance.

Other Considerations

You will nevertheless need to get a pressure monitoring system installed on your vehicle if you are to take advantage. Without this system, you may not even realise that you had a flat tyre and this could be dangerous if you were to continue to drive at high speeds. Instead, the system will detect the problem and deliver a message to your dashboard, so you can take the appropriate action.

Just remember, a run-flat tyre must be replaced once it has been 'used'. The integrity of the tyre will have been compromised and you will need to buy a new one instead.

Suspension Alterations

Finally, ask your mechanic to have a look at your vehicle suspension to see if it is suitable for you to fit run-flat tyres. Due to their construction, you may have to make some small alterations to compensate so that you will continue to enjoy a smooth ride.

Reach out to a tyre shop for more information. 


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