Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

4 Things Mechanics Should Never Do When Repairing Tyres

Erika Matthews

Car tyres can develop defects, such as punctures, which can be repaired to avoid the higher cost of replacing those tyres with new ones. However, anyone attempting such repairs must know the specific things to avoid to limit the chance of an accident occurring due to improper tyre repairs. This article discusses some things that should never be done by mechanics who are attempting to repair damaged tyres.

Never conduct repairs without removing the tyre

Some tyre repair products on the market claim to give satisfactory results when used while the tyre is still on the vehicle. However, it is not advisable to attempt any repair on your tyre without removing that tyre. Removing the tyre allows you to inspect both the exterior and interior surfaces of the damaged area. The full extent of the damage and the appropriate repair technique can then be determined after such an inspection.

Never repair large tread punctures

Each tyre manufacturer provides guidelines about what magnitude of damage can be repaired on any tyre. Those guidelines normally provide the maximum size of the punctures that can be repaired safely. Never attempt to repair a tyre if it has a puncture that exceeds that maximum size stipulated by the tyre maker. Attempting such a repair leaves you exposed to accidents that can occur when anything, such as road debris, compromises the strength of that large repair site.

Never repair over a previously repaired spot

Has the car tyre got a puncture at the same spot where an earlier puncture had been repaired? Discard that tyre and buy another one. Trying to repair a tyre above another repair leaves that tyre weaker than it was. That tyre will be more prone to blow out or fail catastrophically as you drive. Avoid those risks by getting rid of such a tyre.

Never use a tube instead of proper repairs

It is also not advisable to insert an inner tube inside a tyre to avoid having to repair the damage to that tyre. The damage to the tyre may have left a hole that can be penetrated by an object while you drive. That object will damage the inner tube, and an accident may result. Always fix the damage to the tyre so that your safety and the safety of other road users is not compromised by the defective tyre on the car.

Tyre repair is so complex that few car owners can perform it successfully. It is therefore advisable for you to take a damaged tyre to a mechanic for repair if you have any doubts.


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