Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

Choosing the Right Castor Wheels

3 Safety Tips When Operating Machines Using Earthmoving Tyres

Erika Matthews

Earthmoving tyres are built to carry huge loads which makes them bigger and stronger than conventional tyres. However, precautions need to be taken when using these tyres to ensure that they are in good condition. Any mistakes can cause significant damage to the heavy equipment or the operators. Below are some safety tips that heavy equipment operators should observe when dealing with earthmoving tyres.

Always inspect for damage

Earthmoving tyres are usually used in extremely rough areas such as in coal mines. They will, therefore, encounter many sharp objects that can gradually penetrate the tough wheels. These can cause small cracks that will gradually expand. The result is the tyre bursting when you are busy working. It can lead to an accident which leads to significant damage. The best times to undertake the inspection is early in the morning before work starts and later in the evening when your shift is over. Make sure that you cover the entire surface area of the tyre during each session.

Ensure all bolts are in place

Earthmoving tyres are usually held in place using many bolts. The use of many bolts is necessary to counter the forces that are being exerted by the huge tyre. Make it a ritual to check all the tyre bolts before commencing work. You can make more regular checks in case the tyre has been replaced. This is because, in the process of putting on the new tyre, some bolts might not have been properly done. Some of them might be missing since you can assume that one bolt has a minimal impact on the performance of the tyre. This is very dangerous reasoning and can lead to many accidents within the particular work site.

Buy genuine products

Nowadays it is common to find counterfeits of any products. While these goods will appear to be legitimate, it takes a trained eye to notice the difference. You should take the necessary precautions when you purchase earthmoving tyres. Do not be tempted to shift from your regular brand to another that seems to be cheap, and yet it is offering the same service. Such earthmoving tyres can be friendly to your pocket in the short-term, but they give you a piece of mind that your heavy equipment is safe.

Earthmoving tyres are expensive, and you should take sufficient care to ensure that they are always in good service condition. In case you need any clarifications, get a mechanic to assess the matter and offer recommendations.


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